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Bespoke solutions

Tailor-made hardware and software services

Specialized in the design of high-performance video systems, we have all the hardware and software skills to fulfill your specifications, from the design stage to on-site delivery.

We propose high added value solutions by providing our expertise in video signal conversion, encoding, decoding, compression and video/image processing (video filtering, up/down scaling, image cropping, ROI, measurement, overlay displaying, OSD, contrast enhancement...).

Our culture is our customers’ culture. We know your business, your market, your constraints and your challenges. This allows us to propose products and services to fully fit your needs.

We analyse your needs together to find the bestsuited solution.

Our engineering teams can help you to quickly market your new video imaging system and will assist you throughout your project. We anticipate change, respond swiftly and offer you continuous support.

Our ambition :

  1. Constantly improve quality, costs and time to market
  2. To be compliant with the regulatory requirements (standards, certifications ...)
  3. Satisfy our customers by providing sustainable products.

« Our pride: the excellent quality of our customer relation »


Why choose Twiga?

« A win-win partnership »

TWIGA’s philosophy is built on establishing strong, collaborative relationships with our customers. We design your video solution ex-nihilo from technical specifications drawn up with you.

We offer our know-how, skills and technology portfolio in order to develop customised imaging products to live up to your ambitions.

Our experienced team is at your disposal to ensure the success of your project.

Réunion« We create for you tomorrow’s solutions »
Olivier Saint-Martin, CEO TWIGA

Entrusting TWIGA with your project will allow you to :

  • Concentrate on your core business
  • Benefit from innovative solutions to stay ahead of competition
  • Take advantage of the scalability of products and technology thanks to our permanent technological watch
  • Reduce time to market thanks to our flexibility, agility and reactivity
  • Ensure the optimization of investments and overhead costs
  • Save money




Test and validation processes

Video signal measurements and compliance tests

TWIGA’s labs are equipped with video signal measurement equipment which we use to validate and quantify the quality of the video standards.

The main use of these devices is to qualify complex digital connections and to validate the compliance of our products with the different international video standards (3G/HD-SDI, HDMI ...)

Mesures et tests de conformité aux normes vidéo


Validation of environmental constraints and EMC

TWIGA is able to validate the compliance of its products with the environmental constraints :


Having these testing tools at our disposal enables us to save time by testing the prototypes before the final validation and batch production phase.


Appareils de test


TWIGA covers its entire value chain from the design to the production phase. Thanks to our close partnership with a local manufacturing company we can offer a complete range of services from prototyping to small/medium series and also take advantage of economy of scale by using our production capacity for larger batches.



Quality and reliability are characteristic of all TWIGA products. We secure the supply of critical components, we monitor the quality of production and anticipate the eventual end of life of a component. We ensure the sustainability of your products particularly in critical areas that require a long life cycle.


Fabrication carte twiga Fabrication carte twiga 2

Some of our business markets…

« Industrial companies all over the world strive to keep ahead of their competitors by constantly innovating, developing and launching new products whilst ensuring low costs and complying with strict quality standards. By providing its solid technical expertise and great knowledge in the design of video systems, TWIGA enables its customers to rise to this challenge. » Olivier Saint-Martin- CEO TWIGA

Many world leaders, located in Europe, Asia and USA, have entrusted us with the design and development of their project.

Nos clients appartiennent au secteur médical, aéronautique et de la défense