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Our products

TWIGA designs and manufactures a wide range of “standard” video interface boards. Our modules convert the native video signal (LVDS - TMDS – CMOS - Parallel - TTL...) from image sensors, visible-light or infrared cameras and transmit the video stream over internationally recognized standards such as 3G/HD-SDI, HDMI or USB3.0.

We also provide embedded video systems based on Computer-on-Modules (CoM). Our Smart Video Board Computer offers h.264 encoding and decoding, low latency video stream over Ethernet, recording, HDMI video display in real-time…This scalable platform offers flexibility for customers by using a solution which comes with production-ready software to quick start the development of a variety of applications. This approach greatly reduces the time-tomarket and the development cost

In addition, TWIGA offers a wide range of video converter boxes.